Creative studio in Norwich specialising in film production and design.


Hello, I'm Eastkin.

Eastkin is a pseudonym because my real name (TP Hyland) sounds like an accountancy firm -

+ as much as I love accountants,
I'm not one.


I do a whole range of things.

I'm a film director + editor. I'm a graphic + web designer. I'm a musician.

+ I'm a writer too _+ when I was younger I was fairly good at freekicks. 


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I make films >

I'm a director + editor__

+ have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest companies in the world.

I can & am happy to provide work + specifics on request!

* Here is an icon saying 'film' with a play button + if you press the play button my showreel with play__.

*LNT is my film production company - can be seen here;




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I also design things.

be in digital, publication or websites - i've done it +___

I've worked with some incredible people, including (on one occasion) a politician who wrote me into his book...

Here's some evidence of those designs.

Fleek Nails


& web design

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Rebrand & 
Web design







& lastly, I write music.

& write scripts (shooting a short film in July '18)

My music career has allowed me to tour Europe and see some wonderful things + I have sold out 5 comedy shows in a year (+ played 2 terrible pubs).

Marines (2006-2012)

Marines toured Europe, got signed twice, was featured in RockSound magazine as 'ones to watch' in 2012, toured the UK relentlessly for 6 years then on the cusp of a major record deal, broke up after the guitarist had a fight with a bouncer and put his fist through the window of the venue in front of a representative of MTV, Island records + several managers.

Real Life Charm (2012 - 2016)

Real Life Charm was an eight piece collective. I was the singer, songwriter and music video director. RLC got airplays across all the major stations in England (Radio 1, BBC 6 music + XFM), as well as featured in i-D magazine, Clash and IndieShuffle. They were shortlisted for Glastonbury, played a BBC introducing stage during Radio 1's big weekend. After realising an 8 piece was impossible to tour, we gave up. 

Badhead Hyland (2017 - present day)

Badhead Hyland is my popstar alter ego, who creates rather drone-y, new wave pop. After years of radio play and labels chatting me up - I decided i'd create everything in my own bedroom and not bother sending it out to anybody. There's still a few BBC Intro plays, but nothing major and I don't have to sit in a smelly van with smelly men anymore.

& that film I soundtracked.

I wrote and recorded this rather lovely title track (which was also used for the showcase trailer) with the incredible Holly Macve (Bella Union) who is a friend of mine. Dan (Director) asked for something that represented the film's tone - which came in handy as I'm very good at writing melancholy. The film was screened at Cannes (2015) & Raindance festival. 




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