tp hyland (director)

Tim started his design and film life at a very early age. He spent his teenage years designing gig posters for local bands and filming their efforts through a beaten up digital camera he bought on the cheap. 

After graduating university with a first class honours in film, Tim moved into the freelance world. He worked as a director, editor and camera operator with some highly reputable production houses, which lead him to work with some of the most recognised brands in the world. He also spent his time designing for and rebranding SME's, which allowed him to become a highly recognised designer in Norfolk. He created Eastkin, hoping there was a world between design and film which he could utilise. 

Since creating Eastkin, he has worked with numerous companies and started up a sister company (LNT productions) which specialises in music videos. 

In 2017, Tim's fiance Fay joined the team - who had worked in management and as a producer on several film sets. They are formidable pairing, ensuring there is a fun and close knit unit on set. 



Fay started working in film on several of Tims earlier productions, but before that worked in a management position, running two highly successful pubs and restaurants in the city of Norwich. After managing a workforce of 10 consistently for 3 years, Fay decided to freelance as a producer. 

Fay is a fantastic client relation manager, ensuring each and every project feels attended to. She runs a very tight ship on set.